TCBCI--A Leading Provider of Building Information & Service in China


  2017  2017年4月绿色材库正式更名为招材喵
2015  TCBCI released App for its flagship service eBlletin, the project leads service.
2015  GREENKIT online version is released.
2014  TCBCI becomes a council member of SCCB (China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Assembly Steel Construction Civil Buildings)
2013  Over 200 design firms & developers have installed GREEN KIT .
2013  TCBCI launched a bi-monthly digital magazine Green Product 2013
2012  The Research Institute for Standards & Norms, Ministry of Housing Urban & Rural Development, authorized TCBCI to sell Engineering Construction Standards Full Text Information System
2012  TCBCI became a member of China Association for Standardization
2012  TCBCI became a council member of CECS China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization
2011  Green Product Library is launched. The installation in designing institutes & developers has started.
2011  TCBCI signed the Cooperation Agreement with Sina, and became cooperation partner with its Dichan Channel.
2010  Project CRM launched
  2008  2008年2月收购宝利亚洲建筑公司的中国业务,并推出天辰TCBCI品牌
2008  Builder Index China is renamed as Green Product Databank Index
2001  The construction portal launched in 2001
2001  Launched the project leads service (print version + online version) in China
2001  In July 2001, with the written consent of the Information Center of the Ministry of Construction, Bertelsmann AG transferred all its shares to Beijing Huanqiu Tianchen Info Consultancy Co Ltd, i.e. TCBCI
1999   Builder Index China became the official catalogue accredited by the 20th World Congress of Architects in 1999
1998  In 1998 Builder Index China, was formally launched.
1997  In July 1997, the Information Center of the Ministry of Construction signed the contract with Bertelsmann AG. As the result Beijing Bertelsmann Construction Information Service Co Ltd was established in Beijing.
1996  In October 1996, the Information Center of the Ministry of Construction signed the LOI of Cooperation with Bertelsmann AG of Germany.






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